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slava saakyan

slava'saakyan - the studio of industrial design has vast experience in different spheres, but automotive field - exterior and interiors, accessories and progressive constructions - is the most interesting for us. At the same time, we enjoy  elaborating objects of furniture, household goods, office equipment, elements of milieu and any kinds of transport.

TRUST Ambulance car

industrial design slava saakyan

Work-out of an original exterior and assembling of interior for an ambulance car, based on a medium-tonnage Isuzu NPR truck chassis.

The vehicle, which purpose is not only transportation, but also first aid with a possibility of intensive care, monitoring and even reanimation, was projected in accordance with all technical requirements of State Standards and Ministry of Health. The body is made in module scheme, with the frame construction of steel and aluminum shapes. Outer panels of the driver’s cabin are made of steel, the other elements of the body – sandwich-panels, strengthened with aluminum sheets.

Subaru DLS interior

industrial design


An interior of Subaru Legacy sedan was fully reequipped for taking part in the European auto-sound championship 2003, where it took the first prize in its class. The work over the new “acoustic” saloon contained not only a choice of original stylistics, but, first of all, providing the best sound quality inside. This became a peculiar technical task. The sound scene is max scattered relatively to the driver, middle- and high-frequency speakers are mounted in the lower part of body posts and in the corners of dashboard. One low-frequency speaker is hidden inside the central console, another one – behind the backseat. The disposition of acoustics inside the dashboard fully changed its architecture – this rather massive element of the construction reduces the possibility of vibrations. The same goal is followed by laconic shape of the dashboard, which is repeated by the trimming of doors. Music control panels are built into the front doors.

The choice of Subaru Legacy was not accidental – its roomy saloon (not the less factor for an ideal sound creating) is more spacious than the one of the closest competitors, also due to the relatively inconsiderable tilting of the windshield. Besides, almost vertical windshield reduces the quantity of sound waves’ reflections that influence negatively the sound quality. The materials of trimming also match the special requirements for sound and acoustics: the main tool of antihunting is alcantara one can see not only on the doors, chairs and central tunnel, but on the dashboard as well.

Created by

designer: Svyatoslav Saakyan

customer and manufacturer: "Sound Lab"

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