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Japanese Design

Designer Furniture from Japan


Japanese Chair on Japanese Products

Hiroshima Prefecture is known as a producer of high-quality furniture. Maruni Wood Industry has been in the furniture business for eighty years. They have been a well-known maker of good quality mass-produced furniture for a long time.


Japanese Products

Matsushiro  is constantly challenging new possibilities in order to continue sending out inspiration and dreams regardless of the era. The company’s elite brand has grown into such a familiar name in Japan that people walking in the streets have adopted these bags as fashion items and their bright colors literally light up the entire townscape.
As a result, “when you look around, you can see elite paper bags everywhere.”
The paper bag is made from 100% recycled paper material. (Japanese only)

Oak Village

Oak Village, established in 1974,  is dedicated to producing quality wooden furniture, architecture goods and accessories.

Japanese products

Watanabe Furniture Store

(Wooden Chest of Drawers specially made in Sendai.)

Japanese products

This beautiful wooden chest of drawers is made from solid Japanese zelkova wood and coated with lacquer so that the beauty of the grain can be appreciated.  It is finished with  hand-carved iron fittings with patterns of peonies and dragons, etc.

Wild Craft

Childs bed on Japanese Products

Only natural material is used in the production of children's furniture.

Eco design

Namba parks eco design

Namba Parks

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